Hedley Drops "Love Again" 360° Music Video


Hedley joins forces with Occupied to step into the evolution of 360° video. The Canadian multi-platinum, top-charting pop-rock group releases “Love Again” from their forthcoming, full length, 7th album called Cageless

It’s a whimsical scene which opens to a beady-eyed, costume-style robot rebooted from obsolesce. Stimulated by the sounds coming from an 80’s portable audio device, the AI’s algorithms registers its mission in the shape of a beating heart. As the tin bot steps out to a neon-lit sidewalk, with boombox in hand, a feeling of isolation strikes. Jacob Hoggard, the frontman, ushers in the lyrics, and the search for a connection begins in the panoramic, flickering night city. A few rejections and a damaged musical device later, the poor bot literally finds its metal self down in the dumps. But just when things seem hopeless, things turn hopeful when a trio of dancing street kids present the android with another audio player. They jam, and all is better. A lovelorn robot no more.