Odesza—A Front Row 360° Experience In The Middle Of The Desert!


Timur Musabay and Samsung VR drops you right in middle of the desert at Red Rocks Amphitheater for Odesza! A hyped-out concert by indie-electro music duo, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight.

There’s nothing like the acoustic sounds being heard in an open-air amphitheater while lights beam to accentuate both the majesty of nature and the thrill of a live performance. No doubt, a feast for the eyes and ears as the magical lens of Occupied VR capture the pulsing, rhythmic rush of progressive house, smooth jazz and EDM beats enchanting a sea of people, a transcendental energy reverberating from all viewing and auditory corners. 

The vibrational command of the talented two is undeniable—whether it’s a jam session in the studio or in the tranced-out, earth-energy lifting act, that one thinks their music tongue speaks the language of mother Gaia.