Jonny6 Cameo @ Canadian Film Fest Panel


Loaded with national pride, the Canadian Film Fest is dedicated to cultivating homegrown talent and supporting local film productions by providing content creators with significant screenings, fertile grounds for collaborative opportunities, and inviting the public to engage in the energetic film culture it offers.

The festival’s features also extend into galas, parties, keynotes and networking sessions. To help usher in  exciting prospectives into an evolving cinematic platform, J. Lee Williams and Blair Renaud participated in a panel to talk about how fast-propelling mediums will impact and transform the narrative component of the 2D world.

Following the panel, Occupied showcased Jonny6 (built and created with Better Corners), a mobile, stereoscopic camera/robot, to give the audience a glimpse into what the future of filmmaking entails.


Isaac Rayment (Four Eleven – Projection Mapping & Augmented Reality) Blair Renaud (Iris VR/Technolust– Designer & Developer) J Lee Williams (Occupied – VR & 360Degree Stereoscopic Filmmaking) Stefan Grambart (Secret Location – Design Director, Writer, Illustrator) Lowell Schrieder (William F White – Entertainment Communications & Public Relations)


PressMare Punzalan